What Dress to Wear to a Wedding

So, you have got a wedding invitation and you are excited and at the same time confused. Excited because you will get to meet friends, family and have a fun time with them and confused because you cannot decide what dress to wear to a wedding. No worries, we are here to help you. Just continue reading and you are sorted.

Consider the location

If the wedding venue is a banquet hall then a floor-length gown would look great. However, if it is a beach wedding then a nice bright coloured cocktail dress will go with the ambiance perfectly well. So, do keep the wedding venue in mind while deciding your outfit.

Red, black, or white

There was a time when black was not the colour that anyone would wear to a wedding. Things, though, have changed now and if black is your favourite colour you indeed can opt for it. Red too looks great as long as the material, fit, and cut is right. White, however, is best avoided as you do not want to steal the attention from the bride at any cost.

For daytime weddings

For morning or daytime weddings wear a sundress in flowy florals or pastels and it will look great. Complete your look by wearing a pair of comfortable heels and chic earrings and you are ready to go.

For the evening weddings

Evening weddings are comparatively more formal and you should opt for something that is classy and yet goes with the party mood. Cocktail knee length dress in taffeta, silk or chiffon will look amazing. Do not forget to add to the look by wearing a nice piece of jewellery and dazzling heels.

To Conclude –

Make sure you try the dress before the wedding day arrives as you may have put on or lost weight and the dress may need some adjustments. If you are buying a new dress then do try at least a few styles to see which one looks the best on you. Now that you have the right dress and accessories, combine it with your confidence, and you are all set for the event.  For guest wedding dresses in Brisbane, we recommend Style Struck.