You’re not going crazy. It is in fact “promoter” and “promotion” smooshed together.

 PROMOTEROTION IS NOW CLOSED but read on below to find out what it was about.


A little something we invented after a few too many coffees a couple of years ago…


We all know one of the most coveted jobs in the music industry is the Promoter. They are the ones who decide which artists play the festivals we all love to attend. They also decide who plays when and on what stage. Sometimes, it’s a bit like tetris trying to slot all the artists in but there really is an art and science to it.


We want YOU to have a shot at programming the Southbound 2014 playtimes on the two main stages. Don’t worry about the Coconut Club, we’ve got that crazy stage covered. We’ve already categorised the artists, stages and days for you. You just need to slot the artist in at the right time.


The winner (whoever gets it closest to the final set times) will get to be an honorary Southbound promoter for the weekend. That’s VIP tickets and backstage access with your very own AAA pass to hang out with the Southbound promoter!



x close

SIR STEWART bovell park busselton
Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th January 2014