Is Hamilton island family friendly?

Parents are always worried that a holiday on a tropical island could turn into a nightmare vacation. They picture their children being bored and whinging that there is nothing to do. As a consequence, the adult days are spent keeping the children happy. But rest assured that accommodation in Hamilton Island is the perfect destination of all the family. Here are five reasons why.


Your holiday begins the second you step of the plane


As soon as you step off the plane, the warm weather hits you. Jackets are a thing of the past and your children instantly know they are on holiday. Because of the location of the airport the commute to your accommodation is never too long. No huge queues, no traffic, no excuse for the kids to get bored.


Getting around is easy


Golf buggies are the chosen mode of transport for most families on the Island. This ensures that moving around is always an adventure for children. Commuting is no longer a nuisance, more a novelty. Some accommodations include buggies in the cost. If not they are cheap enough to rent.

A vast range of accommodation to choose from


Holiday homes are the most popular option for families, as they provide both space and affordability. Having access to a kitchen, makes dealing with the picky nature of many children’s eating habit easier, It also makes operating on budget much easier


The option of kids eating for free


Some holiday home companies have agreements with local restaurants. Where children are allowed to eat for free. This adds to the sense of adventure for the children. If you don’t want to cook or eat out, some establishments deliver.


Pack Light


The ability to pack lightly is a major bonus for parents as they are planning their holiday. Kids tend to take up all the space in the suitcase. Nappies, toys, food etc the list never ends. Sometimes it feels like the whole house is coming on holidays. Many of the holiday bungalows prepare for this problem so a quick phone call could relieve a lot of unnecessary stress.