Ecobound returns in 2014 with initiatives that range from planting trees to powering areas of the festival with the sun. Here at Southbound we’re all about carbon minimisation and making sure our footprint on the planet is as friendly as possible, so without further ado let us introduce you to Ecobound 2014;


An optional  $3 Green Fee can be added on top of your ticket price so that patrons can contribute to reducing their carbon footprint at the event..


There will be several Recycling Stations strategically positioned around the festival site to capture the various waste streams, allowing punters to do their bit in making Southbound a greener festival. Biodegradable waste from the festival will be composted offsite and will end up in local farmer gardens ensuring it is put to good use.


The Green Team will be back in force at Southbound 2014 ensuring that everyone is in the know regarding what they can do to make their stay as green as possible. Stop and say hi as well as give them a high five for the awesome job they do! We’re also encouraging patrons to collect recyclable waste and take a bag of crushed cans to the patron recycling centre, and in exchange for every bag collected we’ll reward them with a $5 Green Money voucher, redeemable at the Music Store or at the bars for a beverage.


On top of this, part of the Green Fee will assist us in planting trees with our friends Greening Australia in the SW region. The aim is to promote biodiversity as well as help reduce the level of greenhouse gases.


Southbound 2014 will also provide a free platform for various environmental organisations to promote their messages with several Eco Stalls throughout the site. There will also be strict packaging policies in place for all stallholders ensuring that food only is served in biodegradable packaging.


These initiatives have seen Southbound receive two A Greener Festival awards in the past, which we are extremely proud of and it is a trend we hope to continue for many more years to come.

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