Q: When does Southbound happen this year?

A: Southbound 2014 will run Friday, 3rd and Saturday, 4th January.

Q: Who’s playing?
A: Amazing artists!  Click here to go to the line up page to find out more.



Q: Where is the festival?

A: Southbound 2014 will be held at Sir Stewart Bovell Park, Busselton, WA.  It is located on the corner of Vasse and Bussell Highways and is approximately 2.5 hours drive south of Perth.



Q: Can I get a passout once I have entered the festival?

A: No you can’t, unless it’s a medical emergency.  So please bring in everything you need for the day (including warm clothing for the evening).  Campers will only be able to leave the festival via the campers’ Busselton town shuttle buses which run between 6:30am – 12:00pm on Saturday 4th January.



Q: Will there be a cloakroom so I can leave my bag or jacket?

A: Yes a cloakroom will be available – check the site map for location closer to the event.



Q: Will I be able to buy a t-shirt or CD from my favourite band?

A: Yes.  The merchandise tent at the festival features merchandise from most of the acts appearing.



Q: Can we bring fold-up chairs and milk crates into the festival site?

A: No, but fold-up chairs are allowed in the campground only.



Q: Can I bring alcohol into the festival?

A: The festival is strictly non-BYO alcohol.  Sealed plastic water or soft drink bottles will be permitted in to the festival (no glass bottles or containers).  All bags will be searched on entry by our friendly security staff, and all bottles will be opened for a sniff test.  Any patron found in possession of alcohol at the festival gates or inside the festival will be automatically evicted and their ticket will be cancelled without refund.



Q: Can I bring eskies and food into the camping area?

A: Indeed you can, but ALL eskies and bags will be searched on entry by our friendly staff.  No glass bottles or containers or sharp items will be permitted though.

Q: Can I go to and from the campsite during the day?

A: Yes you will be able to access your tent in the camping area during hours of the festival. Please note that drinks will not be allowed within the campgrounds.

Q: Can I bring my campervan or caravan?

A: No, you can only bring a tent.

Q: I would like to purchase a camping ticket, but don’t have a tent.  Will it be alright to bring a swag or are only tents allowed in the campground?

A: Swags are OK, but not recommended.  It is better to have a tent for security of your belongings and in case it rains.

Q: Can I bring my battery-powered stereo?

A: You can, but use it with some consideration for your fellow campers and our neighbours and keep it down, or you may be evicted from the site.

Q: Can I bring some fireworks – surely they will look wicked being let off in the campsite?

A: Fireworks are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in the camping and festival area.  If you are caught with fireworks you will be evicted from the campground and the festival and you will even get to meet the local Police.  Using fireworks in such a crowded area where there are so many flammable objects is silly and dangerous.  Plus there is a TOTAL FIRE BAN, so you would be endangering local farms and houses.  Please be responsible.

Q: What about fires – can I cook up breakfast for me and my mates?

A: See the answer above.  ALL FIRES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  There will be a great selection of food stalls available in Base Camp where you can purchase delicious goodies for breakfast.

Q: Are there shower facilities in the campground?

A: Yes.  There are showers in the existing sporting club change rooms, plus there will be several portable showers.  The showers range from hot and cold showers, and most are communal showers (so bring some bathers to bathe in).

Q: Is the camping ticket per campsite or per person?

A: It’s per person.  Ie. everyone who is camping needs a camping ticket.

Q: Can I come and go freely from the campground with my car?

A: No, once you are in the campground / festival you cannot go back to your car, as there are no passouts.  If you want to leave the festival in your car, you will not be allowed back in.  But campers can get a passout from the campground on the Saturday morning and catch a festival shuttle bus into Busselton.

Q: Do we get to pick our own camping spot?

A: No.  When you arrive at the campground you will be allocated a spot by our friendly staff.  Please remember that space is tight in the campground so snuggle up and get to know your neighbours.

Q: If we have our friends’ camping tickets with us, can we reserve a spot for them next to us?

A: No.  To camp together you must arrive together.

Q: Will my personal items be safe inside my tent?

A: Unfortunately, not necessarily!  Despite the best efforts of our staff and security personnel there are still those who would steal your belongings.  Take any valuables with you when you leave your tent, or padlock your tent.  Sunset Events takes no responsibility for stolen or damaged belongings.



Q: Will the festival be called off if it is raining?

A: No, unless conditions are dangerous (which is at Sunset Events’ sole discretion).  We play rain or shine.

Q: Can I bring an umbrella if it looks like it’s going to rain?

A: No, sorry as it may be used as a weapon.  Plus punters behind you can’t see.  So bring a rain jacket, poncho or dad’s old golf wets.

Q: Should I bring warm clothing?

A: Yes we strongly recommend you do.  Whilst it may be hot during the day, night times are cool on the Cape.  You can leave your jacket or bag with warm clothing at the cloak room or in your tent.


Food / Drinks / Water

Q: Can I bring my own food to the concert?

A: Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food (remember though, no glass containers or sharp objects like knives).

Q: If I don’t want to bring food, is there any food available for sale?

A: Yes, there are lots of food stalls offering a range of tasty meals.

Q: Can I bring soft drinks and water to the concert?

A: Yes you can, as long as you bring sealed, plastic bottles.  No glass or cans allowed.  All bottles will be opened by security.

Q: Can I refill my bottle on site?

A: Yes, there are a number of water points around the festival site – check the festival map for locations.


Car Parking

Q: Is parking free?

A: Sure is.

Q: Is it OK to park in surrounding streets?

A: No.  Please do not park vehicles in surrounding streets as you may receive a fine from the local ranger, and it is not fair on our neighbours.

Q: If I’m just coming for the day, where can I park my car?

A: You can park on the grounds next to the festival site for free.

Q: Can I leave my car there overnight?

A: No.  The Council will not permit car parking overnight.  If you plan to consume enough alcohol to put you over the legal blood alcohol limit do not drive to the event. Catch one of the festival buses instead.


Accessibility Info

Q: Will there be a viewing area for people in wheelchairs?

A: Yes.  We will have a dedicated ACROD viewing platform for the main stage.  There will also be accessible toilets on site.

Q: What’s the site like for getting around?

A: The festival is on a footy oval and so the ground is pretty flat and solid.

Q: Can I get some info about accessible parking & access?

A: Yes.  Get in touch with us at info@sunsetevents.com.au and we will send you the accessibility info sheet.


Dogs and Pets

Q: Are dogs or other animals allowed on the festival site or in the camping area?

A: Definitely not.  The only exception is Guide Dogs.



Q: When will the full line-up be announced?

A: This year we will be revealing our artists over several announcements.  There will be further announcements about Southbound to come over the coming months so keep an eye on the website, our facebook and twitter pages and local press.


Playing Times / Map

Q: When will playing times and festival map appear on the website?

A: We will post the playing times on the website in early December.  Also, look out for the playing times in local media and street press.


Start and Finish Times

Q: What time do the festival gates open?

A: 10:30am on both days.  Parking and camp grounds open at 8:00am on Friday 3rd.

Q: What time does the first act begin?

A: 11.00am on both days.

Q: What time do the festival bars open and close?

A: 12:00pm – 11:30pm on both days.

Q: What time do the last acts finish?

A: At 12 midnight on both days.



If you have any issues or questions relating to your Southbound tickets, then please access Moshtix’s FAQs or call Moshtix on 1300 438 849.

Q: Can I buy tickets from the gate on the day of the festival?

A: If the concert is not sold out, then yes.  However, we strongly recommend you secure your ticket early.

Q: If I am a day tripper, why do I have to bring ID to the festival, even though I’m under 18 and accompanied by a parent?

A: This is an anti-scalping measure.  We are keen to see that Southbound tickets make it into the hands of true Southbound patrons (not profiteering scalpers).  Therefore you will need to show your ID to prove to us that you bought your ticket.

Q: I have purchased a ticket for a friend, but they might not be able to come to the festival.  Can someone else use their ticket?

A: Yes.  But you need to change the name and details on the ticket via the Moshtix website or call 1300 GET TIX (1300 438 849).  A change fee of $7.50 is[SP2]  charged.


U18 / Kids

Q: Can I come to the festival if I am under the age of 18?

A: Yes, but only if accompanied by a parent AT ALL TIMES.  If you are found separated from your parent by security or event staff, you could face eviction.  You will not be able to camp.

Q: I am under 18 and would like to attend the festival as a day patron.  Will I need to be accompanied by a parent, or can I attend with a friend or relative that is over 18?

A: You will only be able to attend if you are accompanied by a parent AT ALL TIMES.  You will not be able to get in with an older sibling.  Parents will be required to complete a Family Welfare Registration Form before entering the festival site. More info here.

Q: Why can’t I camp if I’m under 18 and with my parents?

A: We don’t think the campsite is an appropriate environment for under age patrons.  However, we may review this policy in future years.

Q: Are there concession tickets for children?

A: No, sorry.

Q: Do kids get in free?

A: Only if they’re aged 4 and under.

Q: Why do you recommend that young children wear hearing protection?

A: It appears that children more than a couple of months old have the same risk of noise-induced hearing loss as adults.  However, a hearing loss (either temporary or permanent) can have a much greater effect on a young child, as it interferes with the acquisition of language and literacy skills. (source : Worksafe)

Q: Are unborns at risk?

A: For foetuses and neonates it appears the risk is greater whilst the hearing mechanism is maturing.  They are also more vulnerable to damage from low frequency sounds, which is of particular concern with most popular music. (source : Worksafe)


Cameras / Video / Recording Devices

Q: Can I take my camera into the festival?

A: Yes, as long as it’s a small (pocket size) still camera[SP3] .

Q: I’m an aspiring photographer and would like to take a few shots of the festival.  Can I bring my camera in?

A: No sorry.  Professional cameras are not permitted.

Q: Can I take my video camera into the festival site?

A: No.

Q: Some mobile phones can record audio and video? Are you going to stop people taking them in too?

A: No, because the recording quality is not to professional standard.

Q: Can I take in my portable audio recorder to record it for my own use?

A: No.


Performing at Southbound

There are still a few ways for YOU to perform at Southbound 2014!

We will be accepting applications from national and local bands / musicians.  Stay tuned for further information.

Unsigned Western Australian bands and artists can also apply for the StageBound competition, details to be announced in the coming months.

We are also booking DJs for various areas around the festival.  If you are an established artist and wanting to perform, please send us an email at info@sunsetevents.com.au.



Q: Where can I get information about working or volunteering at Southbound?

A: Info will be posted on our website soon.

Q: Will I get to see any bands?

A: If you are interested to see the bands, then a volunteer position is most suitable as most paid positions require staff to work long hours and often are not located near stages.

Q: What sort of jobs can I get?

A: There are a variety of roles staff and volunteers can get involved in such as ticketing, parking, general store, campsite, info point, team leaders and more.

Q: What about bar work?

A: People with RSA and bar experience are encouraged to apply for work with Independent Events who manage the bars at our events.  Please email work@independentevents.com.au to register for paid and volunteer bar positions.

Q: Who can I contact to find out more about the different positions or other questions?

A: Email work@sunsetevents.com.au.


Lost and Found

Q: Where do I report lost and found articles?

A: Go to the Info Point near the main gate or go to one of the Info Pods in the campground.  Failing that, hand found items in to the security personnel at the front gate.

Q: I have been to the Info Point and they don’t have my lost item.  What do I do next?

A: There will be a lost register form you can complete at the Info Point and if we find it after the festival, we can contact you so you can collect your item(s).

Q: I only realised I lost something after the event or didn’t get a chance to complete a lost register form at the Info Point.  What should I do?

A: Send us an email at info@sunsetevents.com.au after the event and we will let you know if your lost item(s) turns up.  We hold onto lost property for one month after the event before donating any uncollected items to charity, so make sure you make the time to come and collect your item.


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