Common Pests in Brisbane for Houses

We all know that Australia is a home for a large number of troublesome and dangerous pests. The majority of the pests are harmless but some insects are dangerous and life-threatening as well. If you are new to Brisbane, then you will have to know the pest that can be easily found in Brisbane. It is in Australia, you will find venomous spiders and a large number of snakes, reptiles, and insects as well. If you live in Brisbane, then many types of insects can invade and infest your home.


Let’s take a look at these dangerous pests available in Brisbane.



1. Cockroaches:


Many of us have seen cockroaches in our houses, but in Australia, you can find some other types of cockroaches. You can find the Australian cockroaches in Brisbane as the winter season is pretty mild. Apart from this, you can find some American cockroaches, Smokey brown cockroach, and Oriental cockroaches as well.



2. Termites:


In Brisbane, you can find so many termites. You do not like to have termites in your room. Termites can do untold damages in your houses. There are different types of termites you can see in Brisbane. These can damage the homes and wooden structures as well.



3. Ants:


In Brisbane, ants are everywhere. It is very much difficult to get rid of ants. You can see the black house ants. You can see them while the rain is coming. Apart from this, you can also find the green head ants. You can find them in your backyard. Fire ants are very dangerous. The bite of them is incredibly painful and harmful as well.



4. Bed bugs:


Bed bugs are people’s worst nightmare. But building and pest inspections in Brisbane North, you may find this one in your bed. It can spoil your night’s sleep. You can find marks all over your body after waking up from sleep in the morning. So, these are dangerous insects as well.



Apart from this, you can also find wasps, rodents, and spiders. These pests can cause so many nuisances in your house in Brisbane. So, you need to hire professional pest control in order to get rid of them totally.