Benefits of Steel Straws

As the world becomes more eco-conscious, despite the prevalence of some climate change deniers, more people are willing to give up everyday items like plastic straws that contribute to unrecyclable waste. Look for Stainless steel straws are one of the alternatives – and thanks to technological advancement, they’re not only safer for the environment, but just as hygienic for human use. Check out these 4 benefits of steel straws.




Our oceans are littered with millions upon millions of plastic straw, it makes sense that recyclable stainless steel straws would be better for the earth. If the benefits seem abstract, picture a baby turtle that’s grown up deformed simply because it was wrapped in plastic at birth. Steel straws have less chances of been thrown into the ocean, hence less of endangering some unfortunate sea creature.


Reusable, and easy to clean


Plastic straws are generally single use items. But with steel straws, you can toss them in a dishwasher and they’ll come out clean. Most steel straw companies have cleaning brushes that can be used for other smaller items like sippy cups.




You don’t have to worry about your straw being BPA free. There has been well documented studies of plastic leeching chemicals into the human bloodstream. If you don’t want to risk consuming BPA, you’re better off using steel straws instead. So the next time you go to a restaurant, request that your straw be steel (or glass or bamboo) instead of plastic.


More Tensile strength


There’s no doubt that wiggly straws are the best – even though they typically come in plastic forms. Stainless steel straws make up for their lack of wiggly-ness by being extra strong. So strong you could just push them into a ripe orange fruit and drain the juice out of the fruit – without needing a juice maker.


Aside from the above benefits of steel straws, you should know that they also retain the temperature of your drink. So you can take your time enjoying it without the ice melting down. Cool right?