Are Glass Door Fridges Expensive In Australia

Yes, glass door fridges online are expensive to run in Australia. They may not be more costly than domestic fridges when you buy them but their cost of running is much higher than the fridges used in homes due to various reasons described hereunder.


Insulation: The level of insulation of glass door fridges is not as effective as that of the fridges with a solid door. For this reason, the glass door allows more heat to enter into its interior which compels the compressor to work continuously for a longer time. Moreover, its fans have to work harder to keep its compressor cool which can make the fridge noisier with time as compared to domestic fridges. It can increase your power consumption bills.


Load of work: Glass door fridges are normally used as a commercial appliance so they have to work more and for a longer time in routine for which it may need maintenance more frequently and regularly to increase its life. It can increase the cost of maintenance of a glass door fridge.

Exposure to direct sunlight: The performance of your glass door fridge can be obstructed greatly due to the exposure of its interior to the direct light of the sun. It may perform slowly due to the heat of the sunlight can restrict its cooling capability. So its compressor has to work consistently which can increase its wear and tear as well as power consumption.


Condensation in damp regions: In coastal regions of Australia the outer glass door of the fridge is likely to condensate very quickly due to higher humidity in the environment. The level of relative humidity can be up to 80% even if the surrounding temperature is mild i.e. nearly 25 degrees. It can cause a low condensation on the glass doors. But the level of condensation will be higher on a sunny day when relative humidity is also high. To resolve this issue you should either live in areas with high humidity or heat the glass of the door to save your expensive flooring from getting damaged.

In this way, running a glass door fridge is expensive in Australia.